What is Experiential Marketing?

'People no longer buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic'

Experiential marketing," "event marketing," "on-ground marketing," "live marketing," or "participation marketing," is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

Experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible.

Ultimately, the goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.



'For your brand to stay relevant, you need to see consumers as people.'

Want to know how? So do we. In fact, we’re obsessed with finding out how.

We don’t stop asking ‘how?’’ until we know what your people know and what you need to know. So whether you partner with us for media, market research, brand identity development, consumer profiling or any of our other offerings, we will help you identify a strategic path tailored to ensure the growth of your brand.



'We begin with an idea, then decide how best to bring that idea to life.'

Let our team of multifunctional professionals help you create meaning consumer engagement by helping you create friends, not followers. We’re a creative group that imagines and produces extraordinary experiences to engage, delight, captivate and inspire people. 

How? We start with desired objectives; gather insights on the audience, weigh the existing realities of conversion and community, and work towards the useful connect that humans find with favorite brands.



'Having a clear vision is one thing. Executing on that vision is another.'

Data is a popular buzzword right now, but data is just data, not a solution. It’s the interpretation and understanding of that data that’s empowering. And what’s more empowering is when you use data early and often, like we do.

We believe understanding “what happened?” isn’t enough. Our analytic solutions combine traditional performance analytics with cutting edge marketing sciences to understand ‘why that happened?’ and ‘what will happen?’.

We think big, then fixate on the building blocks to bring an idea to life.